Weishan Liu is one of the world's leading Gu-Zheng virtuosos. Her music is deeply expressive, and combines deep feelings, strength, heart, emotion, experience, and wisdom. -- George Winston, pianist


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In Great Ocean, her latest CD, Weishan Liu continues the pattern started in Morning Bell of offering both modern compositions/ arrangements and old classics in a CD. "Great Ocean" is adapted from a harp compostion by Diana Stork that is soothing to the soul. "Quest" takes you on a spiritual journey searching for the Answer. "Galloping on the Grassland" is adapted for guzheng from a duet piece co-arranged by her and George Winston. And "Plum Blossom" is an improvisation and expansion of the famous classic. All of these pieces were recorded by Fred Kurz in the beautiful Basilique Saint-Sernin de Toulouse and Abbaye Sainte Marie du Desert in southern France. This CD is produced by George Winston and Weishan Liu, engineered and co-produced by Howard Johnston, and mastered by Bernie Grundman.

All MP3 samples are about one minute in duration.

  Great Ocean MP3
  Plum Blossom (Improvisation) MP3
  Moonlight Over Spring River MP3
  High Mountain Flowing Stream    
  Lover's Tears MP3
  Quest MP3
  Galloping On the Grassland MP3




Weishan's 2006 release, her second solo CD, offers a combination of old classics and new original compositions. She is just as adept at playing the classic "Song of the Returning Fishermen" with traditioanl style she learned from her mentor Cao Zheng as she is at playing her recent composition "Morning Bell" that demands innovative techniques. Her versatitlity and mastery of the guzheng becomes obvious to anyone who listens to the mix of selections on this CD that covers such a broad range of human emotions. Her abililty to express deep emotions on the guzheng strings has always been her trademark, and this CD will certainly reaffirm that reputation.

To sample the selections on this CD, just click the MP3 link. Click here to read liner notes.

  Polly's Journey MP3
Autumn Moon Over Serene Lake MP3
Parade of the Champion Scholar MP3
Embroidering the Golden Banner MP3
Emerging Lotus MP3
Little Birds MP3
  Song of the Returning Fishermen MP3
  Qin Rhapsody MP3
  Three Variations on Plum Blossom MP3
  Busy Weaving MP3
  Lullaby MP3
  Morning Bell MP3

This CD is dedicated to Cao Zheng, a truly great guzheng Master.
此 CD 獻給恩師曹正

This CD features Weishan's signature composition "The Magnificent Bronze Gorge" which catapulted her to national prominence in 1974. You can learn more about this compostion and listen to it in its entirety by clicking here. Don't miss the melodic Dance of the Yi Tribe and Song of the Returning Fishermen.

Teals on a Lonely Shore MP3
Celebrating the Lantern Festival    
Dance of the Yi Tribe MP3
Song of the Returning Fishermen MP3
High Mountain & Flowing Stream    
The Magnificent Bronze Gorge MP3
The Courtesan's Lament    
Market Day    

  With Dunhuang Ensemble      
Hign Moon MP3
Three Variations of Plum Blossom    
Three Variations of "Yang Guan" Song    
Joyful Evening MP3
Rain Drops on the Banana Leaves    
HIGH MOON Great Waves Wash the Shore MP3
  Purple Bamboo    
Lazy Thrush    
Parading the Street MP3

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