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WTHR - NBC interview

As part of the 2022 Winter Olympics coverage, Scott Swan, TV anchor for station WTHR (a NBC affiliated station) in Indianapolis, interviewed our artistic director Weishan Liu.  The interview was broadcasted on Feb 10, 2022.


Dec 19, 2021, CAA Winter Solstice Party

SFGMS was invited to do a virtual performance at the CAA (Chinese For Affirmative Action) Winter Solstice Party on Dec 19, 2021. After viewing the link to the performance, CAA staff wrote to us: "Wow, the performances are so beautiful! Thanks for your group's participation".

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Interview with NBC

As part of the 2022 winter Olympic broadcast, NBC is gathering stores about Chinese culture.  Two journalists from NBC came to San Francisco to interview our artistic director Ms. Weishan Liu to learn about her, Chinese music and the San Francisco Guzheng Music Society.  Ms. Liu demonstrated the traditional guzheng playing techniques and performed a few songs for them.  They were very impressed with her music.  Her story will appear in February during NBC’s coverage of the Beijing Winter Olympic. 








September 21, 2021 Mid-autumn Festival

To avoid indoor gathering, SFGMS members gathered at a member’s backyard to celebrate the 2021 mid-autumn festival on 9/21/2021.  Here are the videos of some of their performances




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