2022 Performances


December 30, 2022, 39th Annual Concert

SFGMS presented its 39th Annual Concert online

Below is the concert prologue from our artistic director Weishan Liu:



音樂是聽覺藝術,時間藝術。藝術,是表達思想和情感的。為了能真實表達思想和情感,首先要求我們每個演奏員需要全身心的去領會每個樂曲的內涵,用心去體會樂曲本身要傳遞的思想和情感。 為了達到這目的,我們需要心手並用,去完成音樂的再創作。 情動於中,故形於聲,聲成文,謂之音。

要將音提升到音樂,是一個需要反復學習和磨練的過程。我們需要每個演奏員反复地去聽自己的演奏,能聽出問題才能解決問題,把自己從心裡想達到的效果表現出來。從而盡力去完善樂曲所要表達的真意,彈出賦予生命力的音樂。 賦予生命力的音樂才會有感染力。

相信過去的一年大家都在努力練習中取得了很大成績, 我也非常榮幸能和大家一起共同學習進步! 再次感謝一貫支持我們的觀眾!預祝各位聖誕新年快樂!

劉維姍 2022年12月19日於舊金山

2022 Concert Prologue

As we bid farewell to the old and await for a new year, we are preparing for another celebratory concert.

Music is the art of auditory appreciation and the art of time. Art expresses thoughts and emotions. As an artist, you immerse yourself into the music to convery the essence of the piece through each note. The goal is to use "Hand' (technique) and "Heart" (emotions) to reach a re-creation that you can claim as your own.

We can elevate our musical ability. It is a process that requires repeated learning and honing. We, an artist, a performer must listen to our own performa ces countless times to hear the finer differences, it refines our auditory ability so that we can make corrections. This is your rhythm of expression. In order to achieve the essence of the music you must give it vitality through your expression. Only music that gives vitality can touch people's soul.

I believe your practices have helped your achievement greatly this past year. I am honored to learn and make progress with each on of you. Once again, a heartfelt thanks to our audience for your continued support.

I wish you all a joyous holiday and a wonderful new year,

Weishan Liu


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November 6, 2022, Asia Art Museum, San Francisco

The SFGMS represented by our Artistic Director, Weishan Liu and Anna Wong performed at the San Francisco Asia Art Museum for a lawyer's association.


September 11, 2022, Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration – Ocean View Park, San Francisco

SFGMS, represented by Melody Fong, Ying Chiu and Betty Look, was invited to perform guzheng music celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival at Ocean View Park by “Friends of the OMI Mini Park”.


September 8, 2022, Moon Festival Celebration - University of San Francisco Campus

The SFGMS represented by our Artistic Director, Weishan Liu and Anna Wong performed at University of San Francisco to help celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival Celebration on 9/8/2022.  Audience included both staff, dean, and students.  Weishan Liu and Anna Wong played classical, folk and new compositions arranged for 2 Guzhengs by our Artistic Director. The audience was very receptive - for some, this was their first experience listening to guzheng music.  The feedback from everyone was very positive - wanting our society to return for more music in the future.  (Photos of performers with students, staff and dean of students)


September 7, 2022, Moon Festival Celebration - Linkedin Corporate Headquarters, Mountain View

The SFGMS represented by our Artistic Director, Weishan Liu with May Fong and Anna Wong performed at the LikedIn Corporate Headquarters to celebrate the Chinese Moon Festival for the staff.  The staff attending the event was interacting with the performers - showing great interests.  Several staff with prior learning of the guzheng participated in playing with us. It was an outdoor event lasting 2 hours.  (Photos of Linkedin Employees performing with our group)


September 3, 2022 BATS Improv at Fort Mason Performance Center in San Francisco

Our artistic director, Weishan Liu participated as the solo musician for the Improv Play with the theme of “Kung Fu”.  The Play was presented on 9/3/2022 at Fort Mason Performance Center in the evening.  This is a new experiment for our director.  The cast and audience were very receptive to her improvised music.  (Photo of Weishan Liu with the cast)

July 23, 2022, San Francisco Public Library

SFGMS, represented by Anna Wong, Ying Chiu, Abigail Sun, Lily Lee and Lapyan Chan, was invited to perform at San Francisco Public Library, West Portal Branch.




May 19, 2022, Asian Heritage Month at AutoDesk

SFGMS, represented by Melody Fong and Betty Look, was invited to perform guzheng music celebrating Asian Heritage Month at AutoDesk at 1 Market Building in San Francisco.  


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