Hi, my name is Nikki Zhang. Iím thirteen years old. Iíve been studying guzheng for almost five years. I loved to watch old Chinese movies when I was in elementary school. When I saw those princesses and maidens of rich families play this gorgeous instrument, I felt like I was totally in love with it.

Nikki I started taking guzheng classes when I was in third grade, and back then I was living in China. After two years, I came to America. I wanted to continue studying guzheng, so I can play beautiful music. I was lucky to have Ms. Liu (I call her Liu Lao Shi, which means teacher in Chinese) as my guzheng teacher. I learn a lot from Liu Lao Shi. I also make a lot of friends in Liu Lao Shiís class. Later, I and three other girls, Angela, Michelle, and Janice, formed a group: the Purple Orchids. We have been performing together since 2007. We have performed in senior centers, community centers, Salvation Army Youth Council, street fairs and our annual concerts. Our group has had great improvement ever since. I will study hard and learn more songs so I can perform more guzheng music to serve our community.