Hi, my name is Michelle Wong and I’m 10 years old. I am a 5th grader at Highlands Elementary School in San Mateo. I started playing piano at the age of five. I’ve been studying the guzheng for over 3 years. I like playing the guzheng for its beautiful music and my enjoyment.

MichelleI am very grateful for having a fantastic, loving teacher, Weishan Liu, and my group mates: Angela Mak, Nikki Zhang, and Janice Shiu. I’m also very grateful to my parents for their wonderful support and encouragement.

During my free time, I like to play volleyball, tennis, and go bike riding. My favorite piece is “Tibetan Dance”. I like playing it and listening to it because it’s upbeat and it sounds very cheerful. I know the “Purple Orchids” will be a group for a long time to come.