Angela My name is Angela Mak. When I was in China, I didn't even know what guzheng was until I reached grade six. I started to know a little about the guzheng, and I started learning it. But I stopped learning after I came to America. Actually at that time I just knew the basic things for the guzheng, such as the position. I didn't get a chance to really learn about guzheng until my uncle found our guzheng teacher-- Wei Shan Liu. Then I got to know more about guzheng and started loving it. The teacher also signed me in a group called Purple Orchids. I loved to play and performed with them. All of them had been playing for at least one year at that time. I was scared at first because all of them were playing so well, but I was just the beginner. However they were very nice to me, and I started to catch up. I felt so comfortable with my group. Within a few months I could perform with them. I felt so good at the first performance. I like to play with them. I go from not knowing anything about guzheng to being able to play many songs now. I am so happy that I came to America, and can learn guzheng. Guzheng makes my life more colorful. I love it so much.