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"Sounds of China"

"An Evening with Weishan Liu" 4/22/06

星 島 日 報 報 導

Student Recital 11/5/05

With the recent opening of the markets and the economic boom in China, Chinese music has also made a big step in reaching out to be global community, allowing more to understand, learn and appreciate its beauty... [more]

Photos  新聞報導

"Sounds of the Grassland" 5/7/05

...Music has always been an inalienable part of human existence, evolving into higher forms like other human endeavors. In that sense, all music, like the people who created them, shares common roots... [More]



If art represents the culmination of the spirit and knowledge of culture, then music in drama – opera, is one of the crown jewels of the arts... [more]

"Music in Drama: Regional Chinese Traditions" 3/21/04
"Gu-zheng Melodies" 5/4/03
"Spring Melody of Gu-zheng" 2/23/02

"Celebration of 20 Years" 10/5/02
Concert theme: Northwest traditions

...Buttressed by pure crystalline snow mountains,
Carpeted with vast verdant meadows;
Where passion for songs and dances abounds,
Where the mystique of faith and spirituality permeates...



"Twilight 2000" 8/27/00

Joint concert with the California Chinese Orchestra

"Rhythm of Youth" 6/3/01


Joint concert with Chinatown Community Arts Program

"Y2K Concert 3/5/00

Joint concert with ACCA

"Rising Higher" 1/8/00 - 1/9/00

"China in the 20th Century - a Musical Retro-spective" 5/8/99

...Through its music, we hope to share with you a small piece of the experence and spirit of the last 100 years...[more]

"Splendors of China" 6/13/98

...We hope to take you on a journey to exper-ience the color, texture, feelings, and sounds of the land and its people in beautiful China...

Fundraiser concert 3/21/97

Concert Series 1996

...We present this concert series for your entertain-ment and enlight-enment into over 2500 years of Chinese musical heritage... [more]

Christmas Concert - 12/10/95


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