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Established in 1983, the S.F. Guzheng Music Society has embodied and spread Weishan Liu's dream of teaching Chinese culture and music through community performances and educational programs. As the executive and artistic director of the Society, Ms. Liu is responsible for the instruction of all its members. Young and old, male and female, her students all share the same passion that she personifies.

Each year, members of the S.F. Guzheng Music Society perform at more than a dozen events in schools, public libraries, community centers, and street festivals. These events are typically free so that the public can enjoy the unique sounds of traditional Chinese music. The players can also have the opportunity to hone their skills in public performance.

Public education is an important part of the Society's programs. Ms. Liu and her students hold lectures and demonstrations of the guzheng several times a year. In 2006, it started a "Meet the Artists" lecture series to provide the public with a more in-depth understanding of differnt Chinese musical instruments and different aspects of Chinese performing arts. It also lets the audience meet the artist at a personal level. The series proved to be very popular. For one of the lectures given by Professor Ding Chengyun on the se, an instrument that dates back 2500 years and became extinct at one time, more than 200 people attended. The strong showing of public support validates what the Society believes in, that music is a human heritage to be shared by all.

Charity work is another important part of what the Society does. Members visit senior homes on special occasions like the Chinese New Year and bring cheers to the seniors with their guzheng music. They also perform gratis at fundraisers for non-profit organizations and worthy causes. For example, it held a joint concert with the Chinese Arts & Music Center and the Chinese American Dance School in early 2005 and raised more than $10,000 to support the Asian Tsunami disaster relief effort.

For the past 35 years, the Society has continually collaborated with musicians from China, Taiwan and the United States to develop its own creative musical compositions and unique performance styles. A glimpse of these efforts can be seen in its annual concerts, each with a carefully chosen theme. These concerts have received outstanding acclaim from critics as well as achieved great popularity with audiences.



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