Meet the Artists Lecture Series

Lecturer: Weishan Liu

Part I - Lecture on How to study Gu-zheng

A. How to Learn the Basics

  1. Why one should insist on following the proper methods
  2. How to master the correct way to practice
  3. How to train on relaxation
  4. How to exercise on alternating between fast and slow tempos
  5. How to practice with musical sheets and by memory

B. How to Improve
  1. Try to follow a regular schedule for practicing
  2. How to get the most out of practicing
  3. How best to allocate time between practice exercises and playing musical pieces
  4. How to set goals based on own situation
  5. How to strengthen the hearing ability and sense of rhythm
  6. How to learn tuning the instrument

C. How to Go to the Advanced Level
  1. How to understand music
  2. How to analyze the intonation of musical phrases
  3. How to properly control the fingering intensity
  4. How to effortlessly use the proper techniques to accurately express the feelings of the music
  5. How to train for stage performance (mental preparation before and during performance, stage presence , keeping performance notes)

Part II - Demonstration and Q & A


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