Wanda_WangMy name is Wanda Wang, and I am seventeen, the oldest (and very possibly the least experienced!) member of the group. As of spring 2007, I am a junior at Rancho Cotate High School. I first discovered the instrument when I was ten, while visiting a family friend, who was learning how to play the guzheng. At first I thought that it was the name of a form of Chinese martial arts. Now I have been playing it for over six years, and am quite aware of its mechanics and ancient history, as well the influence it has had on other Asian intruments, like the Japanese koto and the Korean gayageum.

The guzheng is a beautiful instrument, and is capable of producing many varieties of pretty sounds. My favorite pieces to play are mostly classical ones, though I also like upbeat ones, or ones with many different parts with which my group can bring together in perfect unison.

Other activities I enjoy doing are writing, swimming, and singing badly. I also have a deep love and respect of different cultures and languages, which is why I would be very eager to travel to as many places as I can, not just to take pictures of the tourist hit spots, but also to experience the life of the locals. My goal is to eventually be able to speak, read, and write five languages semi-fluently. I know I already have one down.

Wanda plays Fishermen's Evening Song


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