Hi, my name is Virginia Yan and I’m 11 years old. I am a sixth grader at Orinda Intermediate School. I’ve been studying the gu-zheng for over 5 years. I love playing gu-zheng, not only for its beautiful music, but for my pleasure. I am incredibly lucky to have an amazing, loving teacher, Weishan Liu, and my wonderful group mates, Regina Ngo, Celina To, Wanda Wang, Elsie Woo, and my big sister Belinda Yan. During my free time I like to play basketball, and go bike riding. My best sport is skiing. “Jin Gang Mountain” is my favorite piece. Last August, I joined the international competition and brought home the Bronze Prize. My goal is to practice even more to bring lots of gu-zheng music to the society.

Virginia's journal
Virginia plays Jing Gang Mountain


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