Regina NgoHello, my name is Regina Ngo. I will be sixteen years old and I attend Lowell High School in San Francisco as a sophomore. I became interested in music when I was two years old and started learning piano at six. I began learning the guzheng when I was seven and learned the violin when I joined the school orchestra at nine years old. I also play the tom-tom on the Lowell Drum Corps.

I am proud of many of my accomplishments, including the high rankings "Superior" as well as "Superior Command Performance" in violin and piano performances at the Associated Instructors of Music Festival. I was also the 2006 gold medal winner in the International World Cup Folk Instruments Competition after performing a traditional piece on the guzheng. I was a winner in the Annual Concerto Competition in San Francisco and performed Haydn's Piano Concerto in D Major First Movement. In 8th grade, I was the principal violinist of the orchestra and when I graduated, I received the award for "Most Dedicated Musician" out of my entire graduating class.

Other arts play a part in my life as well, such as ballet, tap, jazz, and international traditional folk dancing, and I also previously sang in the Sing Tao Children's Choir. My hobbies, besides music and dancing, include badminton, running, reading, and giving back to the community.

Ever since I began learning the guzheng, I loved every part of it: the sound, the music, the technique, and my teacher. My teacher and I have recently done an Apprenticeship program and through it, I was able to perform a very unique piece for a charity event as well as make recordings of my pieces. My teacher Ms. Liu has helped me and taught me so many lessons that extend beyond just music; she teaches me lessons that I carry with me for life. Because of this, I am always excited to see what I can learn next in my own little world of music!

Regina's journal
Regina plays Embroidering the Golden Banner


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