Elsie WooHello, my name is Elsie Woo. I am 12 years old, going on 13. Before I ever joined the guzheng group, I felt that performing was painful. I thought that if I ever joined a group, I would have to perform every week and that I would lose all of my free time.

After I joined the group, I was really happy with everyone there. They all were nice and they all talked and helped everyone that needed the attention. I was really comfortable and I really liked our group. Now we are all very close friends.

When I first joined Teacher’s classes, classes were just on Saturday mornings and I was always shy and I did not know anyone there. On the first day, I was really nervous and I didn’t know what to say to my new friends. The first person I met was Regina. I was really happy to meet her because she was really nice and she still is. A few months later, I met Belinda, Virginia, and Celina. They all greeted me and they were all very nice. When I met them, we didn’t talk but we did look at each other and smiled, unknowing that we would be the “Six Golden Flowers.” When we finally had the group come together, I met Wanda. She was a bit shy but she was nice and smart. I really liked everyone in my group. Now, the “Six Golden Flowers” are the best of friends and will continue to be for a long time yet!

Elsie plays Peacock Lovers Separated


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