Celina ToMy name is Celina To and I'm an 8th grade student at St. Monica School. I've learned how to play gu-zheng with Teacher Weishan Liu for 6 years. I chose to learn this Chinese ancient instrument because I really like the sounds of it. As more I had learn about the techniques and skills on how to play this fascinating instrument, the more I enjoy playing with it. My favorite gu-zheng piece is Dance of Yao. This piece motivates me to play solo when I was at the age of 10. Since then, I've been playing this piece as solo at various venues and I had received Honor Prize at the International Chinese Traditional Musical Instrument Competition with it. Lately, I began to arrange my own music. Under Teacher Liu's help, I had arranged my first gu-zheng piece Da Chang Jin. Besides gu-zheng, I also like soccer, basketball, volleyball, skiing, skating, and traveling.

Celina's journal
Celina plays Snowy Mountain


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