With the recent opening of the markets and the economic boom in China, Chinese music has also made a big step in reaching out to the global community, allowing more to understand, learn, and appreciate its beauty.

The members of our Society, ever so young and talented, continue to surpass my expectations, amazing everyone in their concentration and deep devotion to the art of guzheng. While playing the guzheng, they are naturally experiencing the traditions of the Chinese culture, its traditional rhythms moving them along the “middle way” philosophy and its eloquent melody brining them deeper into a Chinese story. In every class, whether it be basic technique or performance pieces, the students and I undergo valuable experiences.

During ensemble classes, they learn how to be considerate of others and how to motivate partners. During individual classes, they are mastering the barriers of technique and psychology. Some are in tears when trying to bend on strings and others, such as high school students, juggle the delicate balance of school and extracurricular activities, both of which never give up on the guzheng.

All of this is a testament to their dedication and fierce commitment to learning. They are challenging themselves! This perhaps is the result of I, a loving teacher who feels the heavy responsibility to teach the students properly as well as to aid them to progress quicker.

In this recital, students of You Kaiwen and I, would like to express our intent to all friends and family, to feel free to comment on the performance. At the same time, we would like to thank you for your support. It is your participation that allows us to bring our students to the stage. On behalf of all the students, thank you! I believe that with the teaching experience of both You Kaiwen and I, we will never fail to share all that we know with all those who love Chinese cultural arts!

Weishan Liu

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