Imagine a world without music, what life would be like? Fortunately we don't have to answer that question, for our ancestors discovered they could create entertaining sounds and rhythm by striking a stone against some objects. Music has always been an inalienable part of human existence, evolving into higher forms like other human endeavors. In that sense, all music, like the people who created them, shares common roots. On the other hand, because of the differences in cultural heritages and geographical setting, different nationalities have developed their own unique forms of music, which contributed to diversity and opportunities of enjoyment.

In this modern age of technological advancement, the concept of "global village" is rapidly becoming a reality. Music has to keep pace with the times to satisfy people?s changing needs. We need to break the different cultural barriers to open up new frontiers, and at the same time, not to stray from our rich cultural heritage. If we only blindly embrace what is traditional, the music will be monotonous and torn from reality. On the other hand, to completely reject what is traditional would mean to not take advantage of the pearls of wisdom of our mentors. How to strike the right balance is one of the biggest challenges we face today.

This evening, we will present an opportunity for you to witness the spirit of cooperation between Chinese and Japanese musicians, and between Chinese and American musicians; to see how they learn from each other to enhance their own creativity and musicality. Let this new music reflect the common aspirations we all share! Let this new music be the bridge to bring us together for a better understanding! This is what this concert is all about. We sincerely wish that our music will give you a refreshing experience.

Weishan Liu Director May 2005

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