We are coming to the end of a century. In the big picture of human history, a hundred years is only a small current in the long river of human existence.

The 20th century brought human being into new depth beyond imagination. Scientists conquered the confine of our earth and ventured into the universe beyond. Biologists defy human limitations and recreated life from cloning. As we witness the creation of the unimaginable, we cannot help but get caught up in the excitement and optimism of the possibilities of life!

Music is a wealth of all human beings. We have witnessed in the past century the transformation and growth of this special treasure. In retrospect, China, through its many changes in the 20th century, has also influenced the development of Chinese traditional music. Yet, through the struggles of life, very exciting and innovative compositions were created among the musicians expressing the emotions of the people in this century. Many of the pieces incorporated the essence of eastern common culture as well as the western composition influences.

Our concert this evening, Chinese Music in the 20th Century -- A Retrospective, attempts to invite you to revisit the past development of China. Through its music, we hope to share with you a small piece of the experience and spirit of the last 100 years. In revisiting the past, we hope to gain a different perspective and to welcome another 100 years of dreaming the unimaginable and making it a reality!

Through music, the members of the San Francisco Guzheng Music Society and the Chinese American Performing Arts would like to share the richness of Chinese culture with you. It is our hope that we can witness together the coming together of all cultures in this coming century -- to bring music and arts to a new height. Thank you for sharing this evening with us!

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